Oracle SOA

About the Course

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is a part of Oracle Fusion family of tool. It is an excellent Integration tool built on the features of service oriented architecture. We cover basic integration concepts, features of SOA, usage of service component architecture features BPEL, Mediator, Human task, Business Rules and Spring Context.


Course Objective

After completion of Informatica course, you will be able to

  • Learn and get expertise on SOA and Integration Concepts
  • Get expertise in development of SOA based integration
  • Usage of basic to advanced features of Oracle SOA for different scenarios
  • Real time knowledge and Domain level expertise
  • Implementation knowledge for your job search and interviews


Course pre-requisites

Basic knowledge of SQL is good but not mandatory


Course Content

Getting Ready
  • Overview of XML Technologies: XML, XSD, XPATH, XSLT, WSDL
  • Overview of Web Services
  • Identify standards that enable SOA – WS, UDDI, SOAP
  • Review Service Component Architecture (SCA)
  • Describe Oracle SOA Suite 11g components
  • Overview of Installers
  • Product Installation
  • Details of the Required software’s to download
Getting into BPEL
  • Introduction to Service Orchestration
  • Overview of BPEL Process Manager , Mediator
  • Over view of JDeveloper & BPEL Designer
  • BPEL Adapters
  • Types of BPEL Process
  • BPEL Variables
  • Writing Hello World BPEL Process
BPEL Development Life Cycle
  • BPEL Development Process
  • Writing BPEL Test cases using BPEL Testsuites
  • BPEL Deployment plans
  • Invoking a Web Service from BPEL
  • Wiring Mediator and BPEL Process in Composite
  • Mediator’s routing rules, filters, and transformations
  • Orchestrate business process flows by using BPEL
  • File Adapter
Enterprise Manager and Weblogic
  • Installation of weblogic server
  • Domain creation and configuration
  • Introduction to Enterprise Manager
  • Manage and monitor SOA deployments using Enterprise manager
BPEL Activities and Scope
  • Explanation of BPEL Activities
  • Overview of Partner Links
  • Transaction handling in BPEL
BPEL Adapters
  • Introduction to BPEL Adapters
  • Overview of Database Adapters
  • Using FTP Adapters, File Adapters, MQ Adapters etc
  • Polling Queues/Topics & files using Adapters
Handling faults in BPEL
  • Fault Handling in BPEL
  • Creating custom faults
  • Fault Policy Management
BPEL Dehydration and Correlation
  • Introduction to BPEL Correlation
  • Custom Correlation sets
BPEL Human workflow
  • Overview of Human Task Components and Functionality
  • BPEL Human workflow management
  • Introduction to Worklist application
  • Adding Human Task to Composite
  • Calling Human Task from BPEL
BPEL Business Rules
  • Overview of Decision services in ORACLE
  • Rules Engine Fundamentals
  • Using Rules engine in BPEL decision service
  • Overview of WebLogic JMS
  • Creating the JMS Resource
  • Using JMS in Composite
Database Adapter
  • Overview of Database Adapter
  • Creating the Database Resource
  • Exposing a Database Operation as Web Service
Project Life Cycle with SOA SUITE
  • Life Cycle Management Features
  • Using JDeveloper , the development environment
  • Using Enterprise Manager
  • Using Command Line
  • Using ANT or Python scripts
Developer’s Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Stimulation Testing
  • Assertion Positive and Negative Testing
Exception Handling
  • Introduction to Exception Handling
  • Policy-based fault-handling framework
  • Handling Exceptions in BPEL
Event Delivery Network
  • Creating and Managing Event Definitions
  • Consuming Events from EDN
  • Using EDN in Composite
Oracle Service Bus

  • Oracle Service Bus Terminology
  • Virtualization of a Web Service
  • Designing a Flow
  • Configuring a Message Flow
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Introducing Business Activity Monitoring
  • Defining Data Objects
  • Defining Dash Board
  • Configuring BAM Adapter in Web Logic Server
  • Adding BAM Adapter to Composite
  • Adding BAM sensor to BPEL Process
Securing Services
  • Describe Web Services Security
  • Overview of Oracle Web Service Manager
  • Oracle Web Service Manager Architecture
  • Attaching Security Policies to Services